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We are a leading skills training provider with a proven track record in improving the effectiveness, performance and productivity of an organisation’s employees.

What do we do?

We provide tailored training programmes to suit the needs of a wide range of organisations. We take the time to understand the needs, existing employee skills and requirements of each client to ensure the training we deliver is relevant and achieves the desired results.

Our training covers:

Leadership and management development: we can provide recognised training qualifications from the ILM or CMI or client-focused tailored courses.

Customer service training: our programmes are designed to enhance the customer service skills and behaviours of your team and so keep your customers happy.

Team-building: we take time to understand the dynamics of your group as well as individuals’ personalities and create a team-building training programme that will deliver results.

Call centre training: our practical training courses provide call centre staff with the skills and behaviours they need to deliver first-class customer service.

Who do we work for?

Utilities companies

The utility industry watchdog Ofgem has been fining companies for providing poor customer service. We have designed a series of training programmes covering management and leadership development and customer service specifically for the utilities sector.

“Within Balfour Beatty Gas & Water, we are proud of our customer-centric training and we believe it has had a significant impact on our customer performance. It is often very difficult to quantify the value of training and especially training involving soft skills; however, we can see real progress against key customer satisfaction areas where we provide repair and reinstatement support for National Grid.”

John Downing, Balfour Beatty

Public sector

Public sector organisations have their own culture, so off-the-peg training designed for a commercial business is often not relevant for them. Our ability to tailor our training programmes and focus on the key issues for our clients has enabled us to work with a diverse range of clients from the NHS to the Royal Navy.

“Staff were implementing what they learned in training. People had retained and improved their level of confidence and knowledge. I would highly recommend KL Consultancy to other NHS Trusts.”

Vivien John, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Commercial sector

We work with small organisations employing 10 or more employees, up to teams within large multinational companies. We have leadership and management, team-building or customer service training courses to fit any size of organisation.

“If you want to improve your customer service, talk to Kim Loveland at KL Consultancy. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Guy Keen, managing director, Mail Boxes Etc.


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Kim helps to educate and inform in an inspiring way – unlocking people’s potential like no other. She puts the vulnerable at ease, engages the apathetic and controls the over-zealous. At the business end, Kim delivers – no question about it. A pound spent would be worth ten back – and then some – in results.

Marketing Services Manager, Communisis PLC