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Make a positive difference to your business

KL Consultancy can show you how

What goes on behind your company’s doors affects your commercial success. Your culture, your brand values, your processes, your business practices. Together they make your organisation unique.


A productive and motivated workforce, equipped with the right skills, will greatly enhance your business performance. That’s why an off-the-shelf training programme just won’t do.


At KL Consultancy, we tailor every course, every module, every presentation to the specific needs of our clients. This ensures we deliver exactly the right level of training for the individuals taking part for maximum impact and value.


Our bespoke training programmes have delivered results and delighted clients for more than 10 years, helping businesses to be more successful through the skills and expertise of their people.



Find out how we can help

I would like to give you some feedback on the training and coaching you provided for the Communisis group over the last 12/18 months.

As a group, Communisis places a high value on the training and development of our staff and we have been delighted with the way in which you interpreted our specialised and varying requirements into tailored programmes that exactly suited our needs.

The reactions we received from the course participants were, without exception, extremely positive. They found the courses enjoyable and relevant; they also believed they had benefited on personal level from the skills and expertise they had acquired.

I look forward to continuing our association and would have no hesitation in recommending KL Consultancy to any company who requires staff training to a high level from an enthusiastic and committed professional.

HR Manager, Communisis